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2014 RESEARCH New adult & teen studies released

October 2014 - IP Awareness releases new research into the online behaviour of Australians aged 12 - 64 in regard to pirating of movies and TV shows

My Story, My content. Short film competition

Provides students with the opportunity to make a 60-second short film or animation celebrating local screen creativity, and win fantastic prizes in the process.
Access legitimate screen content

Lord David Puttnam

Film Producer, Politician, Educator and Philanthropist, speaks out about copyright infringement.


Wolf Creek star John Jarratt speaks out against piracy.

The Digital Content Guide

Where to access music, film, tv, games and sport.
More about copyright

Good Money Gone Bad

Content theft is no longer just kids sharing music & movies with friends; it’s the new frontier of organised crime. Content thieves profit at the expense of content creators and consumers alike.

Thankyou Campaign

The film & TV industry thanks Australian consumers for accessing movies and TV shows legitimately.
Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation

The IP Awareness Foundation is a broad membership of film and television organisations in Australia committed to educating people about the value of screen content. The IP Awareness Foundation aims to highlight the role of copyright and how the choices consumers make can contribute to the future of the film and television community in Australia. Read More

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