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Win cash and other prizes and screen your short film on TV.

Following the success of the inaugural My Story My Content Short Film Competition in 2013, IP Awareness and Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) are proud to announce the return of the competition this year.


2013 IP Awareness Foundation research study on Australian Teens and Film & TV Piracy now available

New research shines a light on the attitudes and behaviour of Australians aged 12-17 to online film and television piracy.

In mid-2013 the IP Awareness Foundation commissioned an independent research study through Sycamore Research, in partnership with Newspoll, into the Online Behaviour & Attitudes to Film & TV Piracy of Australians aged 12-17. This is the first in-depth research of its kind in Australia (research to date has been adult-focused). Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, the research reveals some rich insights into this generation of digital natives and identifies some of the key drivers of their behaviour.

Additionally, the IP Awareness Foundation undertook a 5th wave of quantitative research, examining the online behaviour of Australian adults, aged 18-64.


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Thank You Campaign

First of all, thanks for visiting the IP Awareness Foundation here online. It's great to see you here. Perhaps you've jumped on our site after seeing a movie and hearing about our 'Thank You' campaign? Perhaps you're doing some research on piracy? Whatever the reason, we hope you find your visit informative and useful.

The IP Awareness Foundation conducts consumer awareness campaigns with messages that aim to help educate Australians about the value of screen content. How you choose to watch films and tv shows makes a big difference to how the industry is able to invest in more content, employs skilled people in the screen community, and delivers you great films and TV shows in the future. You play a very significant part in what might be called the movie and TV show food chain.

So, we hope you like the 'Thank You' ad. These campaigns are produced and distributed with generous involvement and support from the film and television community – involving in-kind contributions from actors, crew, producers, distributors, exhibitors, television networks and online businesses.

Our new campaign is backed-up by research released by Sycamore and Newspoll in June this year that found that nearly two thirds of Australians do not access unauthorized films and television shows online, while another 10% have stopped doing so in the last 12 months. The survey also found that over three quarters of Australians are more aware of the growth of online legal alternatives.

As a film and TV community, we want to say ‘thank you’ to the many Australians who choose to patronize our cinemas, watch TV, rent or buy DVDs and Blu-rays, or access their online content via genuine websites. By doing so, people are not only supported jobs in the creative community, they are also contributing to further investment in new films and television shows. Doing the right thing ultimately benefits everyone.

Like all productions, creating this consumer message was a labour of love. Check out our 'making-of' story via the Our Supporters link here. It takes an army of talented individuals, each with their own special skill, to come together as a team and create quality screen content, and the production of this ‘Thank You’ video was no different. However, the common motivation for everyone’s involvement was a commitment to thank Australians for watching our shows the way we intended them to be viewed. While we are blessed to be working in a field we love, it’s a challenging business to be involved with, and we can only continue to make quality films and TV shows with the support of the paying public.

Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation

The IP Awareness Foundation is a broad membership of film and television organisations in Australia committed to educating people about the value of screen content. The IP Awareness Foundation aims to highlight the role of copyright and how the choices consumers make can contribute to the future of the film and television community in Australia. Read More

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